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From "Jeff Ramsdale" <>
Subject RE: Future build (was RE: [Vote] Releasing 2.1.1)
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 19:53:25 GMT
> > It's not a matter of sophistication. It's a matter of easing the user's
> > entry into developing with Cocoon. It's inconsistent to offer a .zip for
> > one download and not for another.
> As was posted before, the nightly snapshots are finding his own end life.
> The cvs are superseed this type of distribution.

Ok. I won't push the point further.

> <joke>
> Sorry, but windows does not has integrated a CVS client. Because you will
> need to download and install another application. :( Maybe Bill will be
> interested in add to the windows family a CVS client to help us kick M$'s
> ass :)
> </joke>


> Now seriously, I think this is an automated task that will be stoped
> sometime from now. I think there is no interest in improve an ending life
> service as nightly snapshots. This is just my point of view. I have not
> nothing against zip format.

I guess I didn't realize that.

> > I once downloaded a .zip utility for my Windows ME machine for an
> > additional feature it offered over the native .zip handling. While it
> > did what I needed it really wasn't as convenient--there are some nice
> > features to Microsoft's .zip integration in Windows. So I uninstalled
> > the package. But meanwhile Windows lost all the nice handling of .zips
> > it used to have. It took some poking around and a not-obvious series of
> > steps to turn it back on.
> Another nice example of why I dont use MS products anymore... ;)

I don't mean to start that particular argument! I've got a Linux box too, so
I'm not trying to take sides! I do like the .zip integration in Windows,

> > I can imagine another newbie doing the same
> > thing just to download and install a Cocoon nightly build when all of
> > this would have been mitigated by a pre-packaged .zip download that we
> > provide for a regular release anyway.
> As posted before a newbie looking for a nightly snapshot has the enough
> knowledge about compression formats that will be find the way to 7-zip or
> another compression tool to solve the problem of decompress the nightly
> build.

As we've seen on the users list, though, there often isn't much patience on
the part of newbies in having to go through extra steps just to get a basic
Cocoon setup going.

> >From my own experience, back in 2000 I was a windows users trying to
> review some GPL software that was compressed in the tar.gz format. I
> quickly find the way to manage this type of package. I think this is not
> too complicated to just download another utility and decompress it.

Without belaboring the point, I don't see why the .zip package can't be
built server-side since we're already doing it for the release. Is there a
resource we're trying to preserve? Treat that as a rhetorical question if
you want--I don't want to use up more bandwidth pursuing this if no one
agrees with me. I use CVS myself, so I'm not even arguing on my own behalf.

> Best Regards,
> Antonio Gallardo


Jeff (Jefe, con mis amigos :-)

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