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From "Zhang, Ying" <>
Subject Question on MemoryStore and Caching
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2003 14:39:03 GMT

Can anyone provide kind help on this?

This is Ying, a Java developer working in US. I am doing some research to
bring in a style-sheet caching approach in our existing framework. 
I noticed that in the Apache Cocoon release 1.5, you have a method
"evaluate" in the class,
which provides a caching evaluation algorithm based on both LRU and LFU. I'd
like to look more into this.  
    private long evaluate(Container c, long time) {
        return (factor * c.count) + (Long.MAX_VALUE >> 1) - (time - c.time);
However, class MemoryStore was deprecated from cocoon since release 2.0.
Even though I can find a counter part class in the Avalon Excalibur source
code release, i.e. However,  a
corresponding evaluate method is removed.
Questiona for anyone who has experience using Cocoon MemoryStore or knows
about the history.  
	Could you please indicate where I can find this evaluate method (or
other name providing similar functionality) in the latest Avalon Excalibur
	If it is no longer supported, what is the main reason? The detect of
the algorithm or a better solution has been identified?
	Could you recommend other caching algorithms used well in the
	If this algorithm is still being used, any comment on the algorithm
itself and tips for setting the factor are much appreciated too.
With million thanks,

Ying Zhang
Sr. Software Engineer
Thomson West, Eagan, MN 55124

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