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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RT] Implementing Cocoon Blocks
Date Sat, 13 Sep 2003 11:01:39 GMT

On Monday, Sep 1, 2003, at 16:59 Europe/Rome, Hunsberger, Peter wrote:

> Geoff Howard <> writes:
> <snip/>
>> But this brings up another point - what to do if the wiring.xml and
>> others is deleted?  Presumably, all blocks are "uninstalled" in this
>> state, but what does this do to persistence requirements.
>> Also, how to recreate the deploy step efficiently?  For example:
>> You deploy a block with some dependencies and configuration.
>> The block
>> deploy process walks you through setting configs and resolving
>> dependencies.  You then have no record of these deployment choices
>> except in wiring.xml which is not meant for human
>> consumption.  Perhaps
>> it would be good to record these human-step deployment time
>> configurations in a conf file which could be easily reprocessed to
>> easily re-deploy all blocks to their last configuration.
> The more I  watch this discussion go by the more I feel like Cocoon is
> reinventing JBoss.

you are noting convergence of applying the same patterns onto two 
different domains. all operating systems have a file system, but this 
doesn't make them all the same thing.

> The more I watch the Aspects discussion go by the
> more I feel like Cocoon is reinventing JBoss.

same convergence again. all server side environments have crosscutting 
concerns, that will require similar solutions.

> Too bad JBoss isn't a
> container that we can just pick up for Cocoon and count on....

I would be very glad to use something that already exists rather than 
reinventing the wheel. but I really see no way on making cocoon work on 
top of jboss and apply its modularization facility to polymorphic block 
deployment and its AOP framework on allow our continuation-based 
flowscript to be interceptable.

if you have any idea on how to do this, I'm all ears. even if the point 
is academic since we can't ship jboss with cocoon.

> BTW, On the same issue more or less: I don't think you ever responded 
> to
> my question on what to do for a container for EJB samples supplied with
> Cocoon?  (Still trying to get permission to contribute our code.)

we can't ship jboss since it's LGPLed. this is not going to change in 
the future.

we can wait for Geronimo to get real.


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