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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: WebDAV proxy available
Date Mon, 01 Sep 2003 09:21:16 GMT
Le Lundi, 1 sep 2003, à 10:57 Europe/Zurich, Gianugo Rabellino a écrit :

> ...The hooks IMO should be in the pipeline actually....

sounds good.

>   <match type="request-method" pattern="PUT">
>     <act type="syncmetadatadb">
>      <generate type="webdavproxy">
>         <parameter name="url" value="http://whatever/dav/{../1}"/
>      </generate>
>      <serialize/>
>     </act>
>   </match>

I think the webdav backend is much more likely to fail than syncmetadb 
in such cases (due to insufficient authorizations etc), which would 
create inconsistencies between the backend and meta db if the sync is 
done with actions.

It might be better to sync the meta db based on the results of the 
backend, in which case I'd go for a Transformer to post-process the PUT 
result from the backend, feeding sql code to a downstream 

PUT operation:
WebdavProxy -> DaslTransformer -> SQLTransformer

I haven't studied all details yet, but hopefully I'm not too far from 
reality ;-)


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