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From <>
Subject RE: Cocoon 2.1 Authentication Bug? *Please* Help
Date Mon, 01 Sep 2003 12:40:07 GMT
OK, I understand the mechanism.

About the roles, since I used LDAP for the authentication I have a problem how to define the
By default the authentication uses the file sunrise-user.xml and the role is defined for each
user inside this file.
With LDAP authentication I retrieve the users from a LDAP repository and the role isn't defined
in this repository. 
Have you an idea how I could define the role for each users?

Thanks for your help.

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De: Carsten Ziegeler []
Date: lundi, 1. septembre 2003 14:22
Objet: RE: Cocoon 2.1 Authentication Bug? *Please* Help

> From: []
> Hello Carsten,
> OK, you means that for the load-users function you have to write 
> a pipeline like (by default all the users are in the file 
> sunrise-user.xml):
> <map:match pattern="sunrise-loaduser">
> 	<map:generate src="load-user-ldap.xml"/>	
> 	<map:transform type="ldap">   
> 	<map:serialize type="xml"/>	
> </map:match>
> This pipeline should return a file with the same structure as the 
> file sunrise-loaduser.xml with all the users inside. Right??

> Before that I need to enter in the "User management" page where 
> there are all the links for the functions (add user, etc...). Do 
> you mean that this page uses one (or many) of this functions 
> (load-users, load-roles, etc...)??
It uses first all load- functions. When you execute a function, like
add or delete, then these pipelines are called as well.


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