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From peter royal <>
Subject ForwardRedirector.hasRedirected and cocoon.redirectTo from Flow
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2003 15:24:23 GMT
Currently, the CallFunctionNode returns redirector.hasRedirected() as 
its result during processing. Its redirector is an instance of a 

Inside a flowscript, you can do cocoon.redirectTo to redirect the user 
to a new page, but that redirects using the environment directly, not 
the ForwardRedirector that the TreeProcessor is thinking about.

I've patched my ForwardRedirector to check to see if the Environment 
that it wraps is a Redirector, and the 
ForwardRedirector.hasRedirected() does an OR between its hasRedirected 
and the Environment's hasRedirected.

This fixes my problem, I just wanted to verify that its a valid fix in 
the global sense :)

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