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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject RE: Future build (was RE: [Vote] Releasing 2.1.1)
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 18:21:40 GMT
Jeff Ramsdale dijo:
>> > Asking a user to download and install another software
>> > package is out of the question. They have perfectly capable
>> > .zip functionality already on their system. We provide a .zip
>> > file for the latest distribution, why night the nightly snapshot?
>> It seems to me that if a user is sophisticated enough to realize that
>> they really need the nightly snapshot for some obscure reason they are
>> sophisticated enough to download the appropriate unzip utility.  After
>> all they figured out how to download Cocoon, install it and determine
>> they need something more.
> It's not a matter of sophistication. It's a matter of easing the user's
> entry into developing with Cocoon. It's inconsistent to offer a .zip for
> one download and not for another.

As was posted before, the nightly snapshots are finding his own end life.
The cvs are superseed this type of distribution.

Sorry, but windows does not has integrated a CVS client. Because you will
need to download and install another application. :( Maybe Bill will be
interested in add to the windows family a CVS client to help us kick M$'s
ass :)

Now seriously, I think this is an automated task that will be stoped
sometime from now. I think there is no interest in improve an ending life
service as nightly snapshots. This is just my point of view. I have not
nothing against zip format.

> I once downloaded a .zip utility for my Windows ME machine for an
> additional feature it offered over the native .zip handling. While it
> did what I needed it really wasn't as convenient--there are some nice
> features to Microsoft's .zip integration in Windows. So I uninstalled
> the package. But meanwhile Windows lost all the nice handling of .zips
> it used to have. It took some poking around and a not-obvious series of
> steps to turn it back on.

Another nice example of why I dont use MS products anymore... ;)

> I can imagine another newbie doing the same
> thing just to download and install a Cocoon nightly build when all of
> this would have been mitigated by a pre-packaged .zip download that we
> provide for a regular release anyway.

As posted before a newbie looking for a nightly snapshot has the enough
knowledge about compression formats that will be find the way to 7-zip or
another compression tool to solve the problem of decompress the nightly

>From my own experience, back in 2000 I was a windows users trying to
review some GPL software that was compressed in the tar.gz format. I
quickly find the way to manage this type of package. I think this is not
too complicated to just download another utility and decompress it.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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