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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: What are you using for form handling?
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2003 20:48:50 GMT
Barzilai Spinak wrote:

> "On how to hit a moving target"  by Barcho
> Hi, I'd like to know what people are really using for form handling.
> Abstract:
> We were in the middle of a project using XMLForms and it was killed, 
> so we started porting to JXForms which was still-born (see below). 
> Woody is in a fetal state and a port to Woody is not so trivial as 
> XMLForms --> JXForms.
> What should real people with real projects do? 

I use Woody on a real project. But this should be considered as a 
particular case, as I add new features to Woody as part of this project, 
which helps it maturing quickly.


> And then we have Woody which seems to be the loved child at the 
> moment. But how usable is it?  I haven't looked at it. I may give it a 
> chance if someone tells me "XMLForms is dead, long live JXForms is 
> dead, long live Woody!!" 

I tell you that XMLForm is dead, JXForms is nearly dead (it's basically 
the same as XMLForm except that the transformer has been rewritten), and 
long live Woody!! Now you can go ahead and look at the samples ;-)

Read more about the reasons for this at

> We should have *at least one*  forms framework that works. 

This is and will be Woody.

It is already more featured than XMLForm/JXForms, except that it 
currently doesn't support wizards, and that some changes are likely to 
occur in its API. Not radical changes, but changes that require some 
minor work in existing code. You should be clearly warned of this before 
making a choice, but it's definitely the Cocoon from framework that will 


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