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From Barzilai Spinak <>
Subject What are you using for form handling?
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2003 15:57:33 GMT
 "On how to hit a moving target"  by Barcho

Hi, I'd like to know what people are really using for form handling.

We were in the middle of a project using XMLForms and it was killed, so 
we started porting to JXForms which was
still-born (see below). Woody is in a fetal state and a port to Woody is 
not so trivial as XMLForms --> JXForms.
What should real people with real projects do?

We had an (apparently) working framework which was XMLForms and a couple 
of months ago it was deprecated in favor
of JXForms. All this happened with minor discussion (at least on the dev 
list for which I've been reading all messages).
All this would be very fine if JXForms actually worked.  Lately there 
have been a few messages by me and others
concerning problems with  JXforms: (for example)

It all started with the lack of an equivalent to xf:selectBoolean but 
now I've realized that -- at least -- chekcbox handling
is *broken* when all the related checkboxes in a form are unchecked.
Go ahead and try it!!  Go to the /cocoon/samples/jxforms/wizard/  and 
try to uncheck ALL "hobbies", or ALL  "professional roles"
Now go back with the "Prev" button and you'll see them still checked. 
 This is not a problem with the wizard sample, but rather
a problem in JXForms not handling  "expected" but "not submitted" 
 parameters like XMLForms used to do.
So far I have found a "we-dont-talk-about-that-in-here" attitude with 
respect to the whole subject.

And then we have Woody which seems to be theloved child at the moment. 
But how usable is it?  I haven't looked at it.
I may give it a chance if someone tells me "XMLForms is dead, long live 
JXForms is dead, long live Woody!!"

We should have *at least one*  forms framework that works.

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