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From Christopher Oliver <>
Subject Re: The granularity of continuations
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2003 15:17:13 GMT

I had previously seen that post on lambda-the-ultimate, and I liked the 
arguments.continuation idea. However, it seemed rather low priority (at 
least for me). Your posts prompted me to implement it (which turned out 
to be very easy). I don't think we have communication problems, rather I 
think we have had some disagreements. But in this case we do agree.



Sylvain Wallez wrote:

> Christopher Oliver wrote:
>> Ok, ok. I've checked in an implemention of arguments.continuation 
>> into the Rhino cvs on  Please test it and let me know 
>> if it's ok.  If so, someone can go ahead and update the cocoon cvs.
> Chris, I don't know what's your state of mind about this (we already 
> had communication problems in the past), but I'd like to make it clear 
> that I don't want to impose anything. I simply had problems 
> understanding the real behaviour of continuations, and this "new 
> Continuation()" was part of these problems. I would have been happier 
> with some agreement from you, rather than a simple "ok, ok" that makes 
> me think you were bored by my remarks.
> I also would like some feedback from other non-Schemers around there 
> to know their feelings about this. Or am I the only one that digged so 
> deep in the flowscript internals ?
> Sylvain

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