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From Barzilai Spinak <>
Subject Re: Right procedure for rebuilding a block??
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2003 09:20:10 GMT
Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:

>> ...So, I went and did a few modifications to relevant source files 
>> under blocks/jxforms and I'm not sure
>> how to compile just that.   So I rebuilt all Cocoon and then I 
>> substituted the newly generated  "cocoon-jxforms-block.jar"
> It might be easier to test your changes by starting Cocoon with the 
> " servlet" command (or cocoon.bat) after the build. This uses 
> the built-in (light) version of Jetty and is much more independent 
> from your environment and from previous builds.

This might help in developing... I'll try it when I'm more awake. 
However I think I'll need to provide my own sitemap and setup my test 
application and all that.

> Maybe do a "build clean" at some point as well.
>> ...The logs in Tomcat show these exceptions: 
>> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: 
>> org/apache/cocoon/generation/ServiceableGenerator...
> Most probably, the CVS version that you're using for the build has 
> changed since you built your jars, and your tomcat installation is out 
> of sync.
> Testing the whole thing as described above should help. 

The sources I was working with were the same ones I used to build my 
currently running Cocoon. It was just a couple of lines that I modified 
inside a block
and used the generated jar into my currently working and deployed 
Cocoon. That's what makes it strange (at least to me)
What about the Manifest file and all those numbers next to each jar 
file?  Maybe that is the problem?   Maybe the numbers in the manifest 
don't much
whatever they must match in my new jar??  



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