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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: Event handling in Woody
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2003 09:44:29 GMT

Sylvain Wallez wrote:

> Hi all,
> A short post to say that I've been working intensively on event handling 
> on Woody since yesterday. I'm nearly finished with it, and obtained 
> something powerful-yet-simple, that allows to define event handlers on 
> actions (ActionEvent) and fields (ValueChangeEvent). The goal is also to 

yoohoo!, looking forward.
in fact I thought about this from the start, but failed to explain to 
myself how it should look like (I also kept on mixing it up with 
client-side javascript)

care to textualize some preview on what goes about before we see the code?

also this links back to another wild idea I'm having
I'm still not quite satisfied with the way the repeater-binding (the not 
simple one) needs to operate for detecting new/deleted/syill-existing 
rows in the repeater...

So I hope the way you handle valuechanged can give some inspiration on 
how to mark the changed state of repeater rows?

BTW: I assume that the ValueChangedEvent is holding both the old and new 

> allow event listeners to be written both in Java (classic-style) and in 
> JavaScript (flowscript-style).

Makes sense.

I guess reusing the awt eventhandling interfaces is out of the question?
Not that I would consider it as a breaking design point to start using 
it, but yesterday someone showed me usage of jbeaver (see at, it's not oss but it 
didn't look entirely impossible to create something similar.) and I 
couldn't help dreaming about a common GUI description language that 
could result into both Swing and Woody based apps...

 From that angle: being able to share your event-controllers might make 
sense (although wrapping them inside specific listener interfaces should 
not be that hard)

> This morning, I was reading an article about JavaServerFaces (never did 
> look at it before), digged a bit, and discovered that what I was doing 
> was very close to JSF event handling, and grabbed some interesting 
> points. Digged further, and found the lifecycle thing very interesting, 
> and once again close to the way Woody handles form processing. Parts of 
> the JSF are not so bad and can be a good inspiration source ;-)

I remember that Bruno had a look into the specs (and of the XForms) when 
in the pre-woody phase (when the codename was still yaff) of trying to 
nail down some initial design and try outs

that together with the fact that we try to solve the same issues 
porbably accounts for some 'similarities'

I heard some good things about ASP.NET as well, and I remember Carsten's 
  Dywel effort is inspired by his experience with webobjects: there 
really is more inspiration out ther and I'm hoping some of this 
inspiration will come together on the Hackathon-day
(suggestion: you (and Bruno) should ad yourself as an intro-speaker on 
the topic, no?)

> Once this infrastructure is in place, I plan to write specialized 
> repeater-actions that automatically handle add/delete row in repeaters.
> More soon...

keep going :-)

Marc Portier                  
Outerthought - Open Source, Java & XML Competence Support Center
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