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From Erik Bruchez <>
Subject Re: OXF rebuttal
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2003 18:59:55 GMT
Dear Gianugo,

We appreciate your comments about our OXF / Cocoon comparison
matrix. We have posted an update to reflect most of them:

A few additional comments below:

1. Professional Support

    1. We clearly did not mean that Cocoon does not have free
    support. 2. The main idea we wanted to convey is that the
    day-to-day developers of OXF are also the people who provide
    professional support for OXF. It looks like we were unfair to
    Cocoon by not mentioning that professional support is also
    available for Cocoon. The matrix has been updated to reflect this

2. XML Validation and XPointer support

    In OXF, these are feature of the pipeline language itself. The
    validation feature is not about validation at parsing time (which
    is clearly supported by XML parsers) but about being able to
    validate each input and output of each component in a SAX pipeline
    with a Relax NG or W3C Schema. AFAWK this is not possible with
    Cocoon. The matrix has been updated to reflect this better.

3. J2EE Datasources

    The Cocoon documentation on the subject seems to be lacking. We
    have removed this item from the comparison. The lack of
    documentation also seems to affect J2EE authentication and JSP

4. Tomcat / JSP

    There used to be a JSP Generator based on Tomcat's Jasper
    engine. Based on your comment, it looks like this way of calling
    JSP pages is obsolete.

5. EJB

    This regards the possibility to call EJBs from a pipeline without
    writing any Java code. The matrix has been updated to reflect this



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