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From Tony Collen <>
Subject Re: a question
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 01:42:01 GMT
Mike Li wrote:

> Hi,guys
> I have several questions about cocoon:
> 1.Is cocoon just a web publishing framework? Can it be the main dispatcher for a whole
web application like Struts?

Cocoon started out as a "web publication framework" but with the
semi-recent additions of the flow control layer, I believe Cocoon has
graduated to a "web application framework".

> 2.Can a web application be built by struts+cocoon? If yes, then How?
> 3.How do you think cocoon fit in JSR168(portlet specification)? I fount it's difficult.
Should we make a wrapper to support that spec?

Well, I haven't done any work with Struts, and I haven't read the
portlet specs so I'm not too familliar with that, either.. I might dig
into it now that you mention it.

You might want to download and install Cocoon, and check out the "Cocoon
Control Flow" samples and see how they work.  You may be pleasantly
surprised :)

There's also some introductory Control Flow docs on the Wiki at , but
beware, because the Flow API changed after this was written.



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