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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Exception during undeploy
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2003 12:56:36 GMT
Hmm, I read it the other way around: This is exactly the error that can 
occur when using ParanoidCocoonServlet. Does anybody know more about such 


Reinhard Poetz wrote:
> From: Joerg Heinicke 
>>And I know why I asked for a better option: I get now
>>java.lang.LinkageError: duplicate class definition: 
> <snip/>
>>as similar described by Sylvain at 
>>He suggests to 
>>remove the standard libraries from Cocoon's WEB-INF/lib, but 
>>then the webapp 
>>is again dependent on the server.
> After reading Sylvains good docs I think that the error you have should
> *not* happen if you use the ParanoidCocoonServlet. 
> The remaining problem with the ParanoidCocoonServlet is its strong
> shielding mechanism: "This means that if you get an object from the
> servlet engine whose class is defined by the engine's classloader and
> try to cast it to a class with the same class name, but loaded by the
> ParanoidClassLoader, the cast will fail because the classes are
> different." (see
> - the
> Downside)
> Reinhard

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