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From Christopher Oliver <>
Subject Re: JXTemplate: execution of Nodes resulting from JXPath expressions
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 04:51:26 GMT
My original intention in "evaluating" the DOM object was to support the 
macro factility in JXTemplate. But in its current state the macro 
facility is pretty much useless. So I'm +1 on removing <macro> 
completely and changing the code to simply stream DOM objects as SAX 
events. Do you want to make that change? If so, please go ahead. 
Otherwise let me know and I'll do it when I have time.



Bruno Dumon wrote:

>I'm using JXTemplateGenerator (very nice stuff BTW), and remarked that
>if the result of an expression is a org.w3c.dom.Node, it will again be
>"executed", i.e. parsed as a JXTemplate and interpreted.
>I'd like to be able to disable this behaviour, on the one hand because
>the data might contain sequences like #{...} that should not be
>interpreted as expressions, and on the other hand because of performance
>I first thought of adding an attribute to the jx:out element (where I
>need it) to disable this, but it could as well be global parameter
>supplied to the generator (a map:parameter in the sitemap).
>But I'm also wondering if this recursive execution of retrieved DOM-data
>has any use-case at all, and could maybe be disabled completely?

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