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From Andreas Hochsteger <>
Subject Re: WebDAV proxy available
Date Mon, 01 Sep 2003 19:40:04 GMT

Guido Casper wrote:

> Why holding the meta data redundant at all? The meta data is already
> there (on the WebDAV server, even if not DASL enabled). You just need
> to find a way to index afterwards.
> A SQL DB would be nice to store and index a certain set of predefined
> properties but it falls short if you have any abitrary user-defined
> properties (as is the case with WebDAV).
> When I first heard about the idea for using Cocoon as a DASL indexing
> engine I immediately thought about using Lucene for this.
> You would need any collection respond to a GET request with a XML
> representation as the TraversableGenerator generates. The links view
> applies an additional XSLT stylesheet:
>     <map:view from-position="TraversableGenerator" name="links">
>       <map:transform src="2htmlLinks.xsl"/>
>       <map:serialize type="links"/>
>     </map:view>
> So the whole WebDAV repository can be crawled by Lucene.
> And Lucene's content-view-query is configured as
> "cocoon-view=properties".
> with the "properties" view being
>     <map:view from-position="content" name="properties">
>       <map:transform type="source-props"/><!--reading props-->
>       <map:serialize type="xml"/>
>     </map:view>
> You would need the LuceneXMLIndexer to store ALL fields (instead of
> just a few configured ones), as a DASL query could request all
> properties. You could even index content and properties side by side,
> as DASL may query the content itself.
> The challenging part is to create another SearchGenerator that parses
> the DASL query, although it shouldn't be too hard to at least cover a
> basic DASL subset.
> If all this once is working you can easily DASL-enable any
> InspectableSource and it fits more nicely with Cocoon's architecture
> Does this make sense?

Sounds reasonable to me.
I specifically like the fact to be able to query any InspectableSource 
via DASL.

> Guido


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