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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Open support vrs. Company support [was: OXF rebuttal (was: Re: Interesting comparison)]
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2003 03:47:37 GMT

I want to point out what really means Free Maillist Support.

At first sight when we said Cocoon has support trought free maillist, it
seems like it is less than Company Support. Many of us saw this as a lack
instead of a feature, just before we make the first taste of the Cocoon's
free support feature.

>From my point of view Open support means:

1- Faster response time.
People with knowledge of Cocoon are worldwide distributed. I can talk
about countless experience when I am tired trying to solve a problem I
post a problem to the list just before go sleep and when I wake up and go
back to work I have a handfull of ideas of how to solve it. Often the
first response is in the first 15 minutes or less at any hour. It is

Many company support talks about 24 hours in working days. Our support is
far better as that and must be viewed as a feature.

2- Answers include diferents approach to solve the same problem:
Since many of us has envolved in other activities and have diferents
interests, we have diferents point of view of a same problem. This enhance
the overall answer at all. The user with a problem many times can saw
another way to solve the same problem. Not only the point of view of the
person that get payed to solve his problem in a company support.

3- Good knowledge database:
We have mail archives that everybody can search to get an answer of a
problem that someone before you had.
This is not true in many knowledge database I saw in the world even in big
corporations. Sometimes there is no knowledge database or outdated.

Well, It is just a starting idea. I know many people wrote about this
topic  before me and explained it better that I can.

Please comments,

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.

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