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From Timothy Larson <>
Subject Re: on better release and version management
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2003 19:46:45 GMT
--- Litrik De Roy <> wrote:
> From: "Timothy Larson" <>
> > <side-note>
> > Eventually it would be helpful for the source website to
> > include the static meta-info, live meta-info, and some pretty,
> > graphical data from some community data miners like Agora, etc.
> > to help evaluate the liveliness of a module and its developer
> > and user communities.  This could even be used by the developers
> > to help track what is used, what is causing problems, what can
> > be retired, etc.
> > </side-note>
> A little bit like the "Activity Percentile" used by SourceForge ?
> That would help to prevent a lot of mistakes and confusion!

Yes, but with more detail.  For the specific module you are interested in it
could tell you who is active and what else they are active on.  It would let
you know which modules are experiencing cross-pollination and which modules
are islands in the storm, disconnected with the mass of the developers.

> Which solution should I select : Woody or JXForms? FOP or iText? Just look
> at the activity to determine the health of a module/block.

Exactly.  Of course, no measure is going to be perfect, but something like
this could help.  Votes could be used to set the values for the released
and the live meta-info.  This would express the intent of the community.
The automatic community data-mining would go hand-in-hand with this to give
a live view of the actual, realized level of community development and support.

--Tim Larson

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