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From Timothy Larson <>
Subject Re: [RT] Woody dynamic widgets design
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2003 20:32:20 GMT
--- Bruno Dumon <> wrote:
> a first quick reaction (the rest will be for tomorrow, have to leave
> now): what exactly should be understood here with "dynamic"?
> AFAIU the wd:union is a sort of switch which allows to programatically
> enable a set of widgets.

The wd:union "switch" can default to having no child widgets and later
switch to various sets of child widgets.  Constrained only by the list of
cases in the union, you can dynamically decide which widgets to create
and when to create them.  If you keep choosing to create sets of widgets
which include union widgets, then you are giving yourself the option grow
the widget tree as large as you like.

> However, I thought in earlier mails you were also implying to
> dynamically add new widgets (possibly with dynamically created widget
> definitions) to form instances. Or does the wd:union solve all your
> use-cases?

I prefer to direct processes with data instead of code because data is
is easier to manipulate.  The dynamically created widget definitions
were intended as a shortcut before I came up with this design.  BTW, the
idea of reusing groups of widget and template definitions was inspired
by Marc's comments on the xReporter list [1].  I hope I did not mangle
his idea too much.

> (will then comment on the rest later on).


--Tim Larson

>growing a more dynamic structure as would be required in this 
>case will call for some advanced flow-handling IMHO (it should 
>probably assemble itself out of smaller fixed portions with their 
>own woody-form)

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