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From "Hunsberger, Peter" <>
Subject RE: [RT] Implementing Cocoon Blocks
Date Mon, 01 Sep 2003 14:59:10 GMT
Geoff Howard <> writes:


> But this brings up another point - what to do if the wiring.xml and 
> others is deleted?  Presumably, all blocks are "uninstalled" in this 
> state, but what does this do to persistence requirements.
> Also, how to recreate the deploy step efficiently?  For example:
> You deploy a block with some dependencies and configuration.  
> The block 
> deploy process walks you through setting configs and resolving 
> dependencies.  You then have no record of these deployment choices 
> except in wiring.xml which is not meant for human 
> consumption.  Perhaps 
> it would be good to record these human-step deployment time 
> configurations in a conf file which could be easily reprocessed to 
> easily re-deploy all blocks to their last configuration.

The more I  watch this discussion go by the more I feel like Cocoon is
reinventing JBoss. The more I watch the Aspects discussion go by the
more I feel like Cocoon is reinventing JBoss.  Too bad JBoss isn't a
container that we can just pick up for Cocoon and count on....

BTW, On the same issue more or less: I don't think you ever responded to
my question on what to do for a container for EJB samples supplied with
Cocoon?  (Still trying to get permission to contribute our code.)

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