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From "Guido Casper" <>
Subject Regression tests (was Re: Announcing 2.1.1)
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2003 07:10:18 GMT
Christopher Oliver <> wrote:
> Unfortunately I think 2.1.1 contains a Rhino regression I temporarily
> introduced while trying to fix bug 22513 which will cause any scripts
> with nested functions to fail. This includes some of the flow samples
> like PetStore and JXForms.
> IMO we are in serious need of regression tests for flowscript. In the
> meantime any help others can provide with respect to testing the flow
> implementation is appreciated.

I agree that automated functional tests would be of equivalent
importance as the unit tests Stephan enabled.
There are some Anteater tests in CVS. However you need to uncomment
these in the test target as they require you to have a local Anteater
on your HD.
I wonder whether it would be to heavy to put a trimmed down Anteater
in the CVS so that these tests can be enabled by default (and each block
have its own Anteater tests as well) so that you just need to run:
cocoon servlet
build functional-tests

(Anteater could even be configured to start its own servlet container
to test against IIUC)


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