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From "Reinhard Poetz" <>
Subject RE: [Woody multi page forms]
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 13:20:56 GMT

> From: Timothy Larson
> Glad to see support for multi-page forms is getting attention.
> The separation of concerns between the form model and the 
> form view leads me to think the model should not need to know 
> how the view is split across multiple pages.  For example, 
> helpdesk-assisted forms may present a view to the user broken 
> into different page divisions than than the view presented to 
> the helpdesk staff.
> If a form is split across several pages for security reasons 
> (think progressive release of information), then we need to 
> protect against injected request values.  This means the form 
> view needs to know which widgets should be present on a page 
> and only trigger request processing on those widgets.
> The problem is that multi-widget validation requires that 
> every widget get the chance to perform validation every time 
> there is a request. We just need to split widget request 
> processing from widget validation processing and the problem 
> will be solved.
> What do you think?  Does this address your concerns, 
> Reinhard? 

>From a conceptional POV yes, technically spoken, I don't know. Although
learning the Woody internals has high priority on on my todo list I
haven't found the time yet doing it.

But as mentioned in one of my last mails: multi-page Woody forms are a
must for me and your explanations why we need it are very good. Thanks!

What do others think?


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