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From "Gunter D'Hondt" <>
Subject RE: [Woody multi page forms]
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 13:15:04 GMT
Maybe "subforms" should be interested here so that you can define a form
inside another form and then you can validate a specific subform. Ofcoz
keeping in mind that separation of concerns is not handled with this as
the form model has to know about the form view (which are here

Gunter D'Hondt 

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Timothy Larson
Sent: vrijdag 12 september 2003 15:13
Subject: RE: [Woody multi page forms]

Glad to see support for multi-page forms is getting attention.

The separation of concerns between the form model and the form view
leads me to think the model should not need to know how the view is
split across multiple pages.  For example, helpdesk-assisted forms may
present a view to the user broken into different page divisions than
than the view presented to the helpdesk staff.

If a form is split across several pages for security reasons (think
progressive release of information), then we need to protect against
injected request values.  This means the form view needs to know which
widgets should be present on a page and only trigger request processing
on those widgets.

The problem is that multi-widget validation requires that every widget
get the chance to perform validation every time there is a request. We
just need to split widget request processing from widget validation
processing and the problem will be solved.

What do you think?  Does this address your concerns, Reinhard? --Tim

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