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From "Reinhard Poetz" <>
Subject RE: OXF rebuttal (was: Re: Interesting comparison)
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 11:22:29 GMT

From: Stefano Mazzocchi

> Entering a marketing pissing contest would just show that we think we 
> need to rebut their comments.
> I personally think we don't.
> They can throw all the FUD they want on us, but, doing so, they will 
> just show their customers that such a free and open source solution 
> exists (and maybe they didn't know).


> bad publicity is still publicity. And lies fire back.
> They do a much better marketing service for us if they keep up that 
> lame page ;-)
> again, non-linear marketing at work.

IMHO you are completly right with your opinion not to enter into a
direct marketing battle with Orbeon. The thing that I learned is that we
don't give the user the information what Cocoon can do for him in a form
that he gets an overview within a few minutes. 

Ok, this is conventional marketing but IMO necessary. 
I tried to outline such a document:
(I know after reading it you are not a Cocoon expert but a beginning

What do you think?

> [oh, look, they support Java Server Faces.... (sound of 
> Stefano puking)]



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