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From Nicola Ken Barozzi <>
Subject Re: [RT] Views for readers
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 12:20:20 GMT

Jeff Turner wrote, On 14/08/2003 14.17:

> Isn't the problem there that a <map:read> is a whole little pipeline unto
> itself?  If it were broken into two atomic operations:
> <map:generate type="binary" src="foo.doc"/>
> <map:serialize type="binary"/>
> then we could have a <map:view from-position="first"/> using a
> content-aware pipeline, and everything would work.

Well, why can't the view simply start from a reader?

  <map:read src="foo.doc"/>

> I have the feeling that handling non-XML content in Cocoon is Just Wrong,
> and that <map:read> is just a hack.  The fact that it doesn't integrate
> with Views is a symptom of this.  In a theoretically pure world, we'd
> either make Cocoon an XML-only framework and kill <map:read>, or make
> Cocoon a generic data pipelining framework capable of handling and
> transforming binary content.

Well, it can be done easily by allowing more than one reader and by 
allowing readers in the xml pipeline.

Some time back I had proposed the following to be possible (and got 
touted as the usual FS man)

  <map:read src="foo1.doc"/>
  <map:read type="stripstuff"/>
  <map:read type="otherfilter"/>

And also:

  <map:read src="foo1.doc"/>
  <map:generate src="foo1.doc"/>
  <map:serialize src="foo1.doc"/>
  <map:read type="zip"/>

We can already do this BTW by using the Cocooon protocol, but it's such 
a hack!

> Well it's a RT after all.. ;)


If Cocoon had this capability and could be embedded more easily 
*without* the sitemap, it would be a cool transformation library...

Nicola Ken Barozzi         
             - verba volant, scripta manent -
    (discussions get forgotten, just code remains)

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