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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: Porting Cocoon Logging to Log4j - Proposal and Discussion
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2003 18:27:49 GMT

IIRC from the ever and ever happening discussion about the best
logging toolkit is that Log4j breaks inversion of control (IOC):

class A
  static Category cat =

class B
  static Category cat =

You see what I mean! Log4J is based on conventions for the logging
category which each class defines by itself whereas Logkit is based of
IOC and a class dosn't define it's own logger. This for me makes logkit
much more secure for server side applications.

Also, you should take a look into the org.apache.log.output package to
see that logkit supports all you'd like your output to be sent to.


On Thu, 28 Aug 2003, Robert Simmons wrote:

> One of the major implementaiton complaints I have about Cocoon is its lack
> of Log4J logging functionality. Log4j, is without a doubt the best logging
> package for java. No other package can even hope to compare to it. If Cocoon
> was built to use Log4j instead of the avalon logging mechanism, it would
> gain an enormous amount of functionality that it lacks now.
> Personally, when working in a production environment, I dont want my log
> files to be put into direcroies in my web app. Id rather have them forwarded
> to a central log accumulation server or even sent out via JMS. Log4j allows
> this and many more configurations. Furthermore, it allows you to turn on and
> off logging on individual components with ease. Finally, Log4J is used in so
> many other products that it is a recognized standard logging mechanism that
> many organizations and even network engineers are quite familiar with.
> Therefore, I think Cocoon should migrate to Log4j. In order to contemplate
> this, its important that we discuss the complexities of it in the following
> quesitons.
> 1) Why has this not already been done? Is it a question of a lack of
> manpower or expertise? If so then I as well as others would most likely be
> happy to volunteer time to accomplish it.
> 2) How difficult is it to rip out the avalon logging from the cocoon core
> components? Im no avalon expert so I couldnt answer this myself.
> 3) Is there standard expressions that can be used for locatting logging
> lines in cocoon?
> 4) Do we upgrade some of the blocks or leave them as is and only upgrade
> core cocoon?
> I would be interested in comments and opinions.
> -- Robert

Giacomo Pati
Otego AG, Switzerland -
Orixo, the XML business alliance -

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