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From Stephan Michels <>
Subject Re: SourcepropWritingTransformer
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2003 08:40:23 GMT

On Tue, 26 Aug 2003, Gianugo Rabellino wrote:

> Guido Casper wrote:
> > I'm however cautious about breaking SourceDescriptionGenerator, more
> > so that I found that the slide block isn't marked unstable (Is it too
> > late to change this?).
> I guess we should ask Stephen about it, but I'd be +1, since Slide
> itself is unstable.

No doubts. All I wanted was to write an ultimative DirectoryGenerator
which the SourceDescriptionGenerator.

My first approach was to combine the information of the directory
struture, properties of the source(SourceProperty), and properties
which would retrieve independently(SourceInspector). With the last
one I want to make the serveral derivations of the the DirectoryGenerator
redundant, like MP3DirectoryGenerator, ImageDirectory...

But I must admit that I neglected the KISS pinciple. Separating these
things into serveral transformer is a better approach.

But is there a way to nest the components like

DircetoryGenerator -> Information of Sources
SourcepropsWritingTransformer -> Getting additional properties

without a glue stylesheet like

DircetoryGenerator -> Information of Sources
XSLTTransformer -> transform every source to a 'getproperty'
SourcepropsWritingTransformer -> Getting additional properties

This would make my way easier


-> all information, which one can need

My 2 cents, Stephan.

BTW, it's annoying getting every day 400 sorbig mails.

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