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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: lastModificationDate misuse? - old thread - progress
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2003 07:04:15 GMT
John Williams wrote:
> Joerg Heinicke wrote
> > Bug was fixed some days ago:
> > Carsten
> > requested for testers of the patch, so if you can test the behaviour
> > with the current Cocoon 2.0 CVS it will be good.
> > > If XSP is the result of a pipeline then the ServerPages
> Generator can't
> > > work out its currency and randomly re-generates and compiles. To make
> > > I have inspected the code of 2.0.4 and it is still there, ie code is
> > > same as when reported in 2001. Surely a typical use of cocoon is to
> > > build XSP using XSLT?
> I have tested (with cocoon-2.0_20030812221701) and believe the problem has
> only been partially solved. Instead of the prior situation where
> the .java &
> .class were re-generated from XSP on a random basis - they now are always
> regenerated. This is at least consistent - but very wasteful on
> resources &
> latency in requests.
> I have investigated the source and found that the test as to
> whether or not
> regeneration takes place is:
>        !currValidity.equals(prevValidity)
> Inspecting the contents of the currValidity and prevValidity Maps I find
> that they are equivalent excepting that the prevValidity contains an entry
> "S-xml-1_=NOP Validity" so the test fails and code is
> re-generated.

Huh! That's strange, now as far as I remember the code, the prevValidity
not contain "S-xml-1_=NOP Validity", as this is the validity for the
which is not used for internal pipeline calls. Hmm.

So, I think we should investigate why this validity object is there instead
of ignoring it later on.


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