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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RT] Improving Sitemap and Flowscript
Date Sat, 23 Aug 2003 13:51:47 GMT

On Saturday, Aug 23, 2003, at 08:45 Europe/Rome, Jay Freeman ((saurik)) 

> Stefano:
> Could you describe what you mean by "above" and "sideways"? :) I'm not 
> sure
> what you are seeing, hehe. To me the "super-sitemap" (which is kind of 
> what
> this would be, as the main sitemap would be a subsitemap of it) is 
> "above"
> the sitemap, and cocoon.xconf is relatively unrelated and is therefor
> "sideways" from the sitemap.
> Also, to me at least there seems to be more of a "hackish" feeling in 
> having
> to different ways to setup components, one using xconf semantics, and 
> one
> using sitemap semantics. I'd rather have the base.xmap one where you 
> can
> have an extra file of just component definitions from a sitemap that 
> are
> overridden by the sitemap itself rather than putting that same thing 
> in the
> xconf... at least the layout of the file would be the same (but that 
> still
> seems hackish in the sense that this extra feature was added to support
> what's pretty much a limited super-sitemap).

Ok, here is what I think it would be wise to do:

  1) leave cocoon.xconf as is

  2) allow the sitemap to get components configurations from an external 
file or from an inside definition (as today).

  3) write our main sitemap pointing to its components to an external 

The proposed sitemap syntax is something like


   <map:components src="blah.xconf"/>


In case, both src="" and internal components are defined, these 
overload the ones included in the file.

How does this sound?

> --

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