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From "Hugo Burm" <>
Subject Woody, maps, and repeaters
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2003 18:27:48 GMT

I am trying to use the Woody sample that uses a Java bean for its binding
I want to store the contacts in this example in a map instead of in a list,
but in this case the contacts are not displayed (one empty contact instead
of 4), and submit gives an insert error for "contacts[1]).
I had an almost identical problem with JXForms.
When I skip the Woody form in my flowscript, and just show the result page
(form2_jx.xml), all my contacts are displayed OK. So JXPath knows how to
iterate over a Map.
I dived into the Woody sources and an obvious place to look is the Java
class "" and especially the line
        Iterator rowPointers =
in the function "loadFormFromModel" in this class.
Can someone tell me whether this function iteratePointers() gives me the
expected result: an iterator over the Map (this.rowPath)? I did check the
JXPath docs and tried Google. I guess the answer is no, and because the
iterator seems to have one value, I guess it returns one object with a list
of keys and a list of values.


Hugo Burm

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