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From Mark Leicester <>
Subject Re: Suggestions for the MIDI Block
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 12:54:06 GMT
On 7/08/2003 20:20, "Andreas Hochsteger" <>

Hi Andreas!

> Maybe you're interested in the following link:
Thanks, this is very interesting and I am not sure how I had not seen this
before! Surfing with my eyes shut I suppose...

I agree, MusicXML looks very promising and is appropriate for what I am
trying to do here to. I've renamed the MIDIGenerator to XMidiGenerator. I
think that a new MIDIGenerator to create MusicXML from MIDI is a good idea.
I'd like to create generators for all popular music formats too!

The idea of being able to create a music repository as easily searchable as
the www is very appealing. Music research is made so much more difficult by
the fact that the means of storage is usually musical notation, and
paper-based notation is very difficult to programmatically mine for

I submitted a patch to Bugzilla containing the new serializer and since
submitting I've created an XSLT for transposing files. The possibilities are
starting to open up. :)

Cool! Definitely some food for thought in there. I'm checking out the other
related links such as Xemo now.



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