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From "maisonneuve nico" <>
Subject a different version of LuceneIndexTransformer ..
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2003 14:44:59 GMT
i made a different version of the LuceneIndexTransformer nearer to the 
Lucene concepts
(more basic and flexible) based on the old LuceneIndexTransformer

Example of input source:

<page xmlns:lucene="">
<lucene:index create="true"

<lucene:field name="tile" type="keyword">sqdqsdq</lucene:field>
<lucene:field name="description" type="text"> bla bal blalael balbal 
<lucene:field name="date" type="date" 
dateformat="MM/dd/yyyy">10/12/2002</lucene:field> (see java API Class 
SimpleDateFormat for more explanation about the dateFormat attribut)
<lucene:field name="date" type="unstored" >just indexed information (not 
<lucene:field name="date" type="unindexed" >just stored information (not 

<lucene:field name="author" type="keyword" boost="2">Mr 
Author</lucene:field> (boost the field for the search (see Lucene 
<lucene:field name="langage" type="keyword">french</lucene:field>

<lucene:delete directory="d:/indexbase">
<lucene:document field="id" value="1E3RFE"/> //delete all documents with the 
field id ="1E3RFE"
<lucene:document field="author" value="Mr Author"/>

Example of Output Source :

<page xmlns:lucene="">
<lucene:index nbdocuments="2"/>
<lucene:delete nbdocuments="1"/>

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