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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: FYI: SlopGenerator added (as the unstable "slop" block)
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 15:14:34 GMT
Le Mercredi, 6 aoû 2003, à 16:55 Europe/Zurich, Stephan Michels a écrit  
> ...You're right, the Chaperon parser suffers on the fact that it  
> expects
> a well structured input, such like programming languages. Nevertheless,
> it works in some cases of semi-structured input..

I'm glad to hear you confirm my feelings - and you're right, Chaperon's  
handling of wiki text works.

> ...In the past I was asked sometimes for a better solution in cases
> of semi structured text, when I recommended 'regular fragmentations'
> (

Sounds good.
Adding regexp-based line splitting to Slop should be easy, as long as  
you don't need elements that span multiple input lines.

> ...I would be happier to see an implementation of 'regular  
> fragmentations'....

Yes, this would be nice.
Maybe Slop's limitations will bug someone enough so that they start  
implementing it ;-)

> ...BTW, I working extremely on the Chaperon codebase, to
> change the implementation to Tomita's algorithm, which should avoid
> problems with parser conflict, inspired by following blog entry:
> a73c-53b50851a8ee

Sounds very interesting!

> ...But all this take time, and I'm not very fast.

same here ;-)

Thanks for your comments,

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