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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RT] Starting 2.2
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2003 10:36:32 GMT

On Thursday, Aug 28, 2003, at 20:00 Europe/Rome, Jay Freeman ((saurik)) 

> So my eye finally caught on the "Starting 2.2" thread today, it seemed
> interesting, and I went to read through this... and I must say the main
> reaction I ended up having to it is "HUH?!?". :)
> Is the reason you need a new repository because CVS doesn't support
> move/copy/rename (especially so on directories?). I guess I've just 
> been
> using Subversion so long that some of the solutions people have been
> proposing sound rather terrifying... making a new repository and 
> copying all
> of the RCS files into it in order to "preserve history"? But then you'd
> still be maintaining the files in both versions seperately with no 
> computer
> way to know "this file is a copy of that one" to try to help you do 
> that.
> Then there was the suggestion to have the new repository copy stuff 
> from the
> 2.1 repository during build or something...
> With Subversion you could just copy the current trunk off to a 
> cocoon-2.1
> branch (as you'd likely be doing many less fixes on that over the 
> future
> than enhancements to 2.2, so that would be considered the branch) and 
> then
> start reorganizing the directories in the trunk by just moving them 
> around
> and committing the move operations (so far with no space duplication 
> on the
> server as all of these copy/move operations are just references to the 
> same
> file data in the repository), files that need to be renamed could 
> easily be
> done so, and this entire process would be keeping track of the history
> through all of the move operations... (although merging the 2.1 branch
> changes into 2.2 still wouldn't be entirely automated, but I'm pretty 
> sure
> the Subversion people are working on this; 0.28.0, released a few days 
> ago,
> has some features that is bringing it a lot closer).
> Has any thought been put into "the next time we have to create another 
> new
> repository should be the day we look into better version control"?

Yes, you are right, CVS sucks, but the way it's integrated with the 
apache infrastructure and with tools that people use is not.

there is a huge inertia there. greatly underestimated by the subversion 
people, expecially for people used to IDEs like eclipse that hide CVS 
stuff under the hood and do things automatically.

I'm sick of this thread. It's stopping evolution.

Carsten, forget beauty of versioning and let's start working on 
cocoon-2.1 HEAD, this will:

  1) reduce effort and duplication
  2) keep people sane since every commit will have to keep the tree in 
shape (it's entirely possible to implement real blocks with what we 
have, without moving things around, even turning the current static 
blocks into real ones).

So, my vote is: cut the crap, let's work on the thing right here and 
right now, we'll think about what to do later.

Evolution is always prefered to revolution.

[believe me, I've made this mistake so many times that I learned my way 


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