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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RT] Improving Sitemap and Flowscript
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2003 17:39:29 GMT

On Wednesday, Aug 20, 2003, at 11:14 Europe/Rome, Jay Freeman 
((saurik)) wrote:

> Stefano:
> So, after making a request for this a few days ago, with some people's 
> help
> (a suggestion to look into mounted sitemaps) there seems to be an 
> already
> existing solution. Rather than adding extra functionality to support 
> doing
> this in cocoon.xconf, wouldn't it make more sense to just ship an extra
> sitemap with the default distribution? It could exist in WEB-INF as 
> like
> base.xmap or something and be referenced in cocoon.xconf as the main
> sitemap. Then, it does:
> <map:match pattern="**">
>   <map:mount check-reload="yes" src="sitemap.xmap" uri-prefix="" />
> </map:match>
> It makes more sense to me to use this already existing feature before
> tacking on a new one. I've already started using this solution on my
> websites and it seems to do the trick rather well (and also keep the 
> default
> error handler in it so I don't need that in my sitemaps either).

Sorry, but it looks hacky too me. Mostly because the components should 
be defined from "above" and not "sideways" (sorry, but that's how I 
visually perceive the thing).

In short, I'd rather allow the sitemap to have components definitions 
somewhere else, either in cocoon.xconf or in the proposed 

> I'd still like to see a better cocoon.xconf refactorization (so I 
> could have
> a single file with just my <datasources/> configuration), but I'm 
> guessing
> "real blocks" would deal with that?

Oh, that's for sure. When blocks are implemented the current 
cocoon.xconf will only contain configuration for the cocoon core, which 
are not that many (even today).

> Regardless, I still haven't gotten
> around to really reading through and absorbing the page on blocks that
> someone referred me to (so in reference to your other e-mail; this 
> happened
> on the users list, though, not sure if you saw it).

I'm not subscribed to the users@ list, no.


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