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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RT] Improving Sitemap and Flowscript
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2003 14:33:01 GMT

On Wednesday, Aug 27, 2003, at 11:52 Europe/Rome, Christian Haul wrote:

> According to your mails, you don't want to
>  * add aspects to Rhino
>  * add interception only to flow invocation
> Where do you want to add your interception then??

I'm sorry, I'll try to be as explicit as possible:

I want to add interception capabilities to the flow as currently 
implemented with continuation-enabled scripting. I don't care how this 
ends up being implemented (means: I don't care if this comes from a 
patch in Rhino or a wrapper around it).

I also stated that I wouldn't be against interception in other areas of 
cocoon (ie sitemap) but this is an entirely different issue and not 
something that itches me.

> IMO is the problem of aspects in flow solved by the existence of 
> Aspects.js
> see

Maybe I'm blind, but I don't see this. The interception mechanism that 
I proposed allows to compose layers of scripting without touching code. 
This Aspects.js proposes an explicit machinery that you use to compose 
your own script.

My goal is to allow composability of scripting layers without needing 
to change code inside them. I don't see how can this be achieved with 


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