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From "Unico Hommes" <>
Subject RE: Extending the Bean (non-HTML)
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2003 08:06:28 GMT
Upayavira wrote:
> Vadim wrote:

<big snip/>

> > > * Make Cocoon work with an external Cocoon object, again for the  
> > >sake of a PublishingService
> > 
> > I don't get this. What Cocoon with which external Cocoon?
> This is something that Unico talked about in relation to a 
> publishing service running within a Cocoon servlet. Again, 
> I'll wait until we've got an actual plan for such a service.

I did talk about this. I thought that we might be able to use CocoonBean
for such a service if only we could make it less monolithic and factor
out cocoon creation. However I've since found some other very good
alternatives that I think have definate advantages over CocoonBean. For
instance in FOM there exists the
cocoon.processPipelineTo(uri,biz,stream) that lets you process the
pipeline identified by the uri argument to the stream argument.

Another possibility is the SitemapSource that was recently patched to
understand cocoon-view semantics (cocoon:/path?cocoon-view=links). This
allows for a CocoonCrawler implementation that crawls internally instead
of over the network like the current one (except that it takes URL
objects (to wich custom schemas are malformed)).

Anyway, this to say that a publisher service instead of running on top
of cocoon should probably use those mechanisms. If CocoonBean has the
code for bootstrapping the Cocoon system then possibly in the future
CocoonServlet could delegate some of those responsibilities to it. I
don't think CocoonServlet will need the Target abstraction and it will
run Environments directly on Cocoon and so I think it's a good idea to
split up CocoonBean this way.


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