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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: [RT] Improving Sitemap and Flowscript
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2003 11:32:54 GMT

<lots of stuff snipped/>

>> *IMPORTANT* (and the reason why I started the RT):
>> So in he CLI, instead of asking for the link view and then generate, 
>> I simply ask Cocoon to insert a transformer that gathers links in the 
>> same positions where the links view would.
>> This would make it possible for the CLI to have the configurability 
>> of the view gatherer but the speed of the transfomer gatherer.
> This is probably the point I'm missing.
> Instead of discussion the solution, can't we start over again from the 
> problem? maybe there are easier solutions that you didn't think about.

Well. The 'problem' is this:

By default, the CLI generates a page twice, once for the page and once 
for its links. This is inefficient. To work around this, I added the 
ability to automagically insert a LinkGatherer before the serializer. 
But with this you loose the configurability of the link view method. 
Some of this can be worked around by improving the CocoonBean, e.g. 
adding include/exclude capabilities, but some can't - particularly the 
ability to extract links from somewhere earlier in the pipeline when 
generating non-HTML content.

So the desire is for a way to gather links from a page that:
1) Is efficient (i.e. doesn't require complete regeneration of the page 
just for its links)
2) Can handle non-HTML content where links must be gathered earlier in 
the pipeline (and other flexibilities achievable using link view)
3) Minimal (or preferably no) change to the sitemap language

We have link view and link gathering at present. Both work, but neither 
of them are in themselves ideal. A link view that is efficient could 
replace both, as a link view can be by default configured to happen just 
before the serializer, which is what is currently happening with the 
Link Gatherer.

Vadim suggested using a tee pipe to simultaneously feed SAX events into 
both the remainder of the normal pipeline and into a view pipeline, and 
I'm continuing to reflect and explore how this could be done. It 
certainly wouldn't be easy, especially if you want to retain 
cachability. But that's getting into the area of solution, so I'll stop 

Regards, Upayavira

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