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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: Integratign a W3C XForms implementation into the Cocoon Project?
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2003 13:51:42 GMT
Robert Simmons wrote:
> I would disagree with that. XForms has some interraction that is client
> specific but it can, most assuredly, operate in a client-server environment
> quite effectively as chiba demonstrates. Some stuff on the client side would
> need to be implemented in javascript but that is ok. These are only events
> that work on validating documents. I would push XForms any day over non
> standard solutions.

Oh, I'm sorry.  The work I did trying to support XForms a while ago, was nothing
and I have no basis for my argument.  Never mind the fact that I tried to work
with the XForms expert group in the past to make it a bit more open to a Client/
Server environment, but the experts had their minds set on a client only
implementation (and even said as much).  Never mind the fact that the validation
layer, and client interaction assumes a constant connection with the user.
I just don't know what I am talking about.

Give me a break will you?

> Wehn XForms is widely adopted, do we want cocoon to be the only web
> publishing framework that doesnt support them?

When XForms is widely adopted the only thing Cocoon will need to do is accept
the XML results.  I doubt Cocoon will have a problem with it.  When XForms
is widely adopted there will be support for it in IE and Mozilla.


"They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety
  deserve neither liberty nor safety."
                 - Benjamin Franklin

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