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From Gianugo Rabellino <>
Subject Re: SourcepropWritingTransformer
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2003 16:40:31 GMT
Guido Casper wrote:

>>>A value of a property however doesn't necessarily has to be XML.
>>>Especially if you think of other Sources besides WebDAVSource.
>>This is, however, the case of the current SourceProperty, a contract
>>that, as of now, we might not want to break.
> I think we have to. For example in:
>     public SourceProperty(Element property) {
>         this.namespace = property.getNamespaceURI();
> = property.getLocalName();
>         this.value = property;
>     }
> the whole element is set to the value which might not be what you want
> above. It might even be convenient for WebDAVSource but don't we want
> to make sure InspectableSource supports sources without XMLized
> properties?

Definitely. Problem is understanding use cases. Apart from the upcoming 
Xindice (*not* XML:DB as of now), I can't think of any other Source that 
allows write access to properties, so we might just be trying to 
generalize something that is really webdav-specific. On the contrary, 
though, almost every source comes with a set of "live properties" and it 
would be nice to be able to describe them (think of size, content-type, 
lastmodified). But this is a read-only scenario.

This said, I'd +1 a modification of SourceProperty so that value is a 
string (which could well be serialized XML). A better solution might be 
turning SourceProperty into an interface, so that a specialized 
WebDAVSourceProperty might use the added value of XML, (de)serializing 
it when needed. I'd suggest to wait for Sylvain to show up: I recall him 
having some thoughts on it.

>>>It feels a bit like mixing concerns to me (setting properties and
>>>writing content).
>>I don't think so. It makes sense for metadata to be written together
>>with data (and being manipulated separately if that's the case),
>>what's wring with it?
> Some may want to put their meta data in a SQL DB. That's what I would
> do in case of lack of DASL support on the WebDAV server side. And I
> like it being more explicit where my meta data go. But I'm +/-0 to
> merge SWPT with SWT.

On second thought I think you're right. Having two separate SourceWriter 
might allow far more flexibility: in fact they could be easily 
configured one after the other in the pipeline (and with the upcoming 
virtual components we might end up with something that just looks as a 
single one). I'm somehow bothered by the fact that data and metadata 
need to be sibling, like in





looks IMO much better. But I can live with that. :-)


Gianugo Rabellino
Pro-netics s.r.l. -
Orixo, the XML business alliance -
     (Now blogging at:

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