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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: "Production" build for Cocoon?
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2003 12:49:54 GMT

This question really belongs on 'users' list, I would say.

But anyway, you need to copy to 
and to Then, in remove the # for each of the 
#exclude.webapp.xxxxx lines, and also exclude the scratchpad and 
deprecated (if you don't need it). You can also exclude the javadocs and 
IDLdocs too. Then, in, remove # before each 
exclude.block.xxxx line for blocks you don't use.

Do build clean webapp to do a fresh build, and you'll only have the bits 
you asked for. I've done this recently and it was pretty easy with 
2.1final (2.1m3 was a bit harder).

See also:

Regards, Upayavira

Chris Clark wrote:

>Just wondering if there's any easy way of making a "Production" build of Cocoon.  The
default build compiles all of the samples and makes them available which is fine for development.
 However, when we eventually go "live", we'd like to be able to deploy a minimal build that
doesn't have the samples or javadoc, etc.
>We took a quick stab once at trying to remove the samples after doing the full, default
build but started running into various file-not-found problems as the master sitemap tried
to load various sample-related items.
>We're okay with using the master Cocoon sitemap (saves us a lot of declaring and configuring)
and letting it mount our stuff, but we'd like to be able to do a build that leaves out all
of the samples, etc.
>Is this possible?  Is it already there or are there some straightforward instructions
on what to delete from the full build and still have things work?

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