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From Tony Collen <>
Subject Re: can you reach sitemap params from JXTemplate?
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2003 23:41:15 GMT
Steven Noels wrote:


> Some thoughts aside:
> - The contract for exchanging (named) parameters between sitemap, 
> flowscript and jxtransformer needs to be solidified (but we knew that)
> - I'm slightly annoyed by the abundance of choice with JEXL and JXPath. 
> Wouldn't it be better to stick with only one of them?


When I tried wrapping my head around this stuff, I was boggled at the 
choice of two different syntaxes.  IMO this is a weakness and we should 
choose one or the other, but having both makes everything a million 
times more complicated.

You can see my comments about the confusing syntax on my tutorial I 
wrote a while ago located at [1].

I wouldn't mind seeing the syntax fleshed out and unified, but I don't 
have the technical knowledge to do anything about this.



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