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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: can you reach sitemap params from JXTemplate?
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2003 17:11:19 GMT
Jeremy Quinn wrote:

> Hi All
> Does anyone know the correct syntax for getting a Sitemap parameter in 
> JXTemplate?
> I have tried all of the following:
> #{cocoon/parameters["publishedJobServer"]}
> #{cocoon/parameters/publishedJobServer/}
> ${cocoon.parameters["publishedJobServer"]}
> ${cocoon.getParameters("publishedJobServer")}
> ${cocoon.parameters.publishedJobServer}
> The first two throw exceptions, the others output nothing.
> I can use cocoon.getParameters("publishedJobServer") in my FlowScript 
> without a problem, but I would prefer not to have to pass it specially 
> to the view in cocoon.sendPage().
> Any ideas? 

The "cocoon" object only exists in the flowscript. In JXTemplate, you 
can directly access the "parameters" variable : 

This makes me think we should unify the notation across the various 
components of a flow-script application. In this regard, it would be 
more consistent to have "request", "session", "context" and "parameter" 
as children of a "cocoon" variable instead of having them directly as 
toplevel variables.

Or are they available as toplevel variables to mimic JSTL from which 
JXTemplate is inspired ?


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