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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: Status of Woody?
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2003 10:11:39 GMT

Timothy Larson wrote:
> What is the current status of Woody?

status is still alfa (as in 'getting there')

it should be usable for smaller short-lived projects here and now 
(gets the job done)

but that usage is  bound to generate more clues on typical usage 
that could guide us through essesntial refactorings

in short: the code is probably more stable then the interfaces to 
it :-)

> I am running the nightly snapshot from 19-Aug-2003 03:17.
> Several of the samples do not work:
>   "Various" -- adds blank rows to "Firstname Lastname..." table at the bottom.

I'm running cvs head and didn't see this (the firstname should be 
filled in)

>   "XML Binding" -- Cannot add or remove contacts
just tested this and saw the same, looks like a problem with the 
formhandler, I'll need a deeper look (but short on time here and now)

>   "Bean Binding" -- Cannot add or remove contacts
didn't test, but is using the same formhandler, so kinda logic

Uh, 2nd thought: not logic at all: the Various sample is using 
the same FormHandler and it works over there!

So this is actually tied to how the flow is dealing with the 
formhandler! (that's a part I haven't looked into)

> I know development is ongoing.  Are these samples just not updated yet to
> match the code changes, or am I encountering Woody errors?

probably a small Woody error in how it is tied up to the 
FlowScript...  (need to check for updates in cvs there)

PS: Bruno is on holiday this week...
Marc Portier                  
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