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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: preparation of board report
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2003 10:03:19 GMT
Steven Noels wrote:
> Hi all,
> it's time to prepare our report for the ASF board meeting of August 
> 20th. I'm looking to collect noteworthy news about our community 
> project, and so far these are the topics I'm planning to put in the 
> report. Comment & add as you see fit:
> * ramping up towards a 2.1 release
> * the noteworthy, tough but fruitful discussion about Flow & balcanization
> * first (baby)steps towards form handling framework unification
> * new committers
> * Lenya's ongoing incubation + intention to participate with the GT
> * (slowly) ongoing effort to migrate the Wiki -> ASF equipment
> * charter discussions (I hope to be able to attach a revised & 
> voted-upon charter for approval by the board, so stay tuned for more)

OK, here's the report I'll be sending out tomorrow noon 12:00 CET:

                                - 0 -

Here's the report on Cocoon's state of affairs. We do hope this gives 
the board a feeling on how we are doing.

Let's first start with a brief run-through of the previous report 
and see how we proceed:

1), 2), 3): no further action required or taken
4) recursive Cocoon charter: still needs to be worked upon
5) use of Cocoon brand by and ditto
6) ditto - work is slowly progressing with the infrastructure team to 
migrate the Cocoon wiki to ASF infrastructure, together with Steven 
Noels and Gianugo Rabellino from the Cocoon team - we believe it is fair 
to indicate that an ASF-operated shared and managed Java hosting service 
might accelerate this, and do hope the eventual migration of our Wiki 
might serve as an example to move further along that road.
7) solved: the XMLForms effort is being actively deprecated in favor of 
other form handling frameworks (JXForms and Woody).
8) transfer of HSSF (Excel) serializer from Cocoon -> POI: no further 
action has been taken yet.
9) Avalon Excalibur dependencies: Cocoon committers have now commit 
karma to an Avalon CVS module that hosts code in heavy use by the Cocoon 
project, making sure bugs can be fixed and patches applied in due time.
10) the Milestone release scheme has been applied successfully, and has 
resulted in a 2.1 release mid August.
11) Lenya incubation is still ongoing and monitored by the Cocoon PMC.
12), 13), 14): satisfactory ongoing.

New matter:

1) The Cocoon project has released a 2.1 version mid of August, and work 
is under its way to release a forthcoming 2.1.1 quickfix release.
2) Discussions are starting on the upcoming 2.2 development.
3) Most notable discussion was about the existence (and/or creation) of 
several overlapping ideas and frameworks for flow and form handling 
inside Cocoon, and even though the discussions were lenghty, at the 
verge of being flame-infested, the main discussion participants came to 
an agreement, showing off the maturity of the Cocoon community even when 
starting off from a discours of extreme technical dissonance.
4) As a result of all this, work is under its way to refactor and 
augment specific form handling code (Woody) into a truly community-owned 
artefact, and API changes have been allowed to make sure specific 
implementations (JS Flow with Continuations) leave room for 
alternatives, should the community see fit.
5) Several new committers since the previous report: Ugo Cei, Marc 
Portier, Guido Casper, Reinhard Pötz, Upayavira and Joerg Heinicke. 
There's a de facto policy that all committers can subscribe to the PMC 
list, but formalization of this, and whether this means they can cast a 
binding PMC vote still needs to be discussed. There's a certain tendency 
that there should be no distinction between active committership and PMC 
membership. Lenya hasn't signed up any new committers since it went into 
incubation, yet.
6) The Cocoon project guidelines and revised charter are under 
construction, being based on a de-formalized branch of the Jakarta ones.

Overall, the Cocoon project is a healthy and friendly community working 
along the Apache spirit, and we expect no sudden problems to emerge.

                                - 0 -


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