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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject [OT] Build Time
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2003 21:28:56 GMT
Just ran Cocoon build under optimize it. Not the clean build, but second 
one, when there is nothing to do. It took 6 minutes on 1.6GHz P4 desktop 
box. Guess where all this time has been spent? Logging!

    45.26%: Project.fireMessageLoggedEvent() method

Made a quick hack of Project, replaced Vector of BuildListeners with 
BuildListener[]. Build took 5 minutes.

    32.1%: Project.fireMessageLoggedEvent() method

Next hotspot is:
    3.78%: DefaultLogger.printMessage
And, after some xerces classes, comes DirectoryScanner - the one who is 
doing the actual work:
    2.2%: DirectoryScanner.scandir

Does somebody know anybody working on Ant logging system? Is Ant 1.6 
better in this regard?

PS Removing synchronized() in this method gives even better results: 
build runs 3 minutes, 43 seconds and fireMessageLoggedEvent method takes 
just 9.5% of total execution time

PPS Hacked version of Ant-1.5.3's attached for curious folks


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