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From "Upayavira">
Subject Extending the Bean (non-HTML)
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 15:02:58 GMT
[here's a non-HTML version - mailer misbehaved again :-( ]

In another message I mentioned I've done a lot of reworking of the bean/CLI. I  
thought I'd mention what I've done so far, and what I have planned. Doesn't really  
qualify for [RT] status, as it doesn't seem all that random to me! 

As to the reworking, I've: 

 * split the bean into a CocoonWrapper that handles configuring a Cocoon object  
and handling a single request, and a CocoonBean which handles crawling 

 * Made the CocoonBean use a Crawler class (derived from the one in the  
scratchpad Ant task)  

 * Moved all of the URI logic (mangling URIs etc) into the Target class 

 * made it report the time taken to generate a single page 

Next I want to: 

 * moving the member variables of the wrapper and bean into a Context object, so  
that the Bean can be used in a ThreadSafe environment. 

 * rework the way the bean is configured (possibly using Configuration objects) 

 * improve reporting so that it reports pages generated, time taken per page, the  
links found in a page, stack trace from errors, pages that contain broken links, and  

 * Make this reporting use SAX (to a file), so that in future it can be the basis of a  
publishing service 

 * Get caching working properly, and make it use ifModifiedSince() to determine  
whether to save the file or not. 

 * Build a simple Ant task to replace for ant driven processes 

 * Make Cocoon work with an external Cocoon object, again for the sake of a  

 * replace the contents of the cli.xconf file with correct settings for generating  
documentation from the built webapp, keeping the documentation system working 

 * implement exclude/include, a la Ant in the cli.xconf  

 * make it configurable as to which pages are scanned for links (why generate  

 * work out how to implement Vadim's idea for a single pipeline with an  
XMLTeePipe to generate both a link view and page view in one hit 

 * improve the cli.xconf format to be more flexible, e.g: generate multiple pages to  
a single destination, and to have links followed on some pages but not others, etc 

Phew. More than I thought! And there's more I haven't mentioned... 

Regards, Upayavira 

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