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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re:
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 07:19:25 GMT

I might be missing something but AFAICS the jakarta-regexp 
dependency is mainly just legacy we're reluctant to touch, while 
most new regex-needing additions are opting for the oro 
dependency (probably for the reasons you mention)

I would be +1 to the allignment effort that removes the 
'historical' jakarta-regexp dependency from our code...
(support on jdk 1.3 makes it impossible to use the 1.4 regexp 

So please proceed and keep us posted?

Any other opinions on this?


Gould, Troy (ELS) wrote:
> My first post to the dev mailing list...
> Has anyone considered using jakarta ORO instead of jakarta regexp for doing
> RegExp Matching?  Particularly in the AbstractRegexpMatcher.  Or have
> another RegexpMatcher that uses ORO instead of regexp?
> I've found out that the regexp project is a "light-weight" tool, while the
> oro project gives me much more advances RegExp matching abilities.  I've
> actually already built another AbstractRegexpMatcher to use oro and am using
> in a project I'm working on.  My reason for doing this came today when I
> needed to do zero-width negative lookaheads which regexp doesn't seem to
> support.
> I would be happy to contribute it to the project.
> Regards,
> Troy Gould

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