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From "Upayavira">
Subject Switching cache to Persistent Store
Date Sun, 10 Aug 2003 16:47:36 GMT
[Resending - didn't realise my mailer was sending HTML rather than text]

I've been exploring how to get the CLI to use Cocoon's caching mechanism and  
environment.isLastModified() to prevent the CLI from generating otherwise cached  

The problem I currently have is that the cache Cocoon uses is transient, and is  
thus lost every time the CLI restarts.  

a) How can I switch Cocoon to always use a Persistent cache? Putting  
<cache><parameter name="store"  
value=""/></cache> into cocoon.xconf makes  
CacheImpl pick a persistent store, but for some reason values aren't in the store  
after Cocoon has been restarted. 
b) How can I get Cocoon to use a persisitent store for CLI and a transient one for  

To show the sort of impovements possible, here's two pages, each generated  
twice, the second time cached. For those interested in improving the performance  
of the CLI, check out the benefits :-) 

* docs/index.html [4.447 seconds] 
* docs/index.html [0.3 seconds] 
* samples/hello-world/hello.html [0.381 seconds] 
* samples/hello-world/hello.html [0.04 seconds] 
Total time: 0 minutes 14 seconds 



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